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CSIRO's Cultural Licence to Operate series

Kawal Pictures is really pleased to have worked on a landmark series of videos for the CSIRO's Blue Economy CRC team, which have just been released.

Working with leading First Nations researchers at the organisation, including Dr Cass Hunter, we produced this guide and 'how to' on a Cultural Licence to Operate. As Australia looks to exploit the 'Blue Economy', it's crucial Indigenous Australians don't get left out, and that the private sector has an understanding of concepts like 'Sea Country.'

The Blue Economy CRC is delivering Innovation in Sustainable Seafood and Renewable Energy Production.

Kawal produced this video on Kuku Yalanji country, FNQ, and Qandamooka country (Moreton Bay) Qld.

Key findings from the CSIRO report:

As the blue economy continues to grow and new and emerging industries enter the ocean estate, it is crucial to put a spotlight on the pathways for working with First Nations.

  • This research offers pathways for attaining a Cultural Licence to Operate (CLO) by working alongside First Nations respectfully and fairly.

  • Research from the Blue Economy CRC and led by CSIRO developed a preliminary CLO framework.

  • The research outlines 5 key recommendations that are a vital opportunity to change course and move from rhetoric to action for better co-existence and partnership models with First Nations.

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