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Taking the Clean Creatives pledge

Today Kawal Pictures is delighted to let the world know that we've taken the Clean Creatives pledge; just one modest Australian video production company joining 'strategists, creatives and industry leaders who believe that fossil fuel clients represent a threat to our shared future.'

There is no point – other than a cash grab – in working on environmentally-minded campaigns on the one hand while carrying out sanitisation work for fossil-fuel companies, or assisting the agencies they employ to spread their message.

Even as we write this, news emerges of Australian creative agencies carrying out campaigns calling for action on climate change, mere months after working on other 'greenwashing' campaigns. Enough.

So, Kawal Pictures has joined the many other creative agencies worldwide pledging to reject work in that space.

For those wanting to know more about how this movement got started, there's an interesting interview in The Guardian with founder Jamie Henn, also behind Fossil Fuel Free Media.


Kawal Pictures is a small team of video producers and consultants specialising in drone, heritage and environment storytelling, bringing First Nations and collaborative stories to the fore, with strong Aboriginal employment goals.

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