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Working with the Jane Goodall Institute

What a treat recently to be able to produce work alongside the Jane Goodall Institute.

Jane Goodall is one of the world's most renowned conservationists, and perhaps one of the world's most respected animal lovers thanks to her long career working with primates. The Institute bearing her name, shortly before Goodall's recent tour of Australia, commissioned Kawal Pictures to produce a promotional video for their fantastic educational program being launched in Australian schools.

With our SE Queensland-based camera operator, Kawal rocked up bright and early one morning to a suburban Brisbane school to film the ReWild Your School program from the Jane Goodall Institute in action, capturing kids being amazed by the biodiversity on their doorstep (or rather, school playground). With a soft-touch camera crew and just the one day of production work, this was a fantastic cause to get behind with a light and breezy video production. They say never work with kids or animals, but to be honest, we had fun!

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