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Looking for an up-and-coming Indigenous video producer

As Kawal Pictures grows we are looking for an up-and-coming video allrounder. It's important to us to build pathways into the industry for Indigenous camera people and storytellers, so please share the job description with your networks:

Video production company Kawal Pictures is looking for entry-level Indigenous video all-rounders to join our team on an ad-hoc basis. Experience is desirable but not essential; an openness to learning about camerawork (video and stills photography), drone filming and flying, sound, editing and storytelling is essential though. Sydney-based Supply-Nation registered start-up company Kawal Pictures works across heritage and environmental work, documentary film, corporate storytelling, drone video and mapping, and is looking for a candidate keen on learning the various stages of video production work. Payment negotiable on experience. This role is project specific and may entail a few days per month to start off. Email for more info.

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